Douglas Clegg on Haunted Nights LIVE!

Posted: November 18, 2014 in author interviews, Authors, books, horror, reading
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Expect the unexpected this week on Haunted Nights LIVE! when New York Times Best Selling author Douglas Clegg joins us for an hour of craziness.  Tamara and Doug were introduced to each other by their editors back when they were both young and supple, and they stuck together like gum and park benches, boogers and the underside of Grandma’s chair, and well, you name it… Tamara and Doug,  and their mates Robert and Raul, were inseparable when they all lived on the west coast. Never was Christmas so much fun.  Maybe we’ll tell you about it. Maybe we’ll reveal which books they kill each other in, for that matter…


But let’s let Doug take over. This is from his Facebook post telling his readers about this week’s program:

“My big event this week (other than the big anniversary with my husband, which was Monday), is that I’m a guest with Alistair Cross and Tamara Thorne on their podcast radio show called Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE.

It’s this Thursday night at 9 EST. I’m mentioning it now so you can clear space on your calendar. Oh come on, cancel those theater tickets. Turn off the reruns of Scooby-Doo.

Tamara (a noted author in the horror genre) and I have a long history. In fact, we met for the first time the day after I met Raul. She corrupted me when I was a young, innocent thing, leading me down a wicked path. I can’t thank her enough.

Someday, I’ll tell you about the Vegas trip or the goldfish-bowl margaritas/horror movie night/haunted apartment time, or the shop she blackmailed me into going into with her…well, I’ll stop there. Maybe some of this will come out in the show when we’re not talking writing or the dark side of things.”

(Tamara: Vegas! The birth of Dakota O’Keefe of Bad Things! Oh, what a night that was.  And those margaritas… and Dog Soldiers. Woof.  Wait. I blackmailed him? I thought that shop visit was the result of our activities by the duck pond…)

“I hope you’ll tune in. I should be able to provide a direct link to the live show on Thursday evening.”

(Alistair: Here is the link, but it won’t go live until showtime Thursday:


“You just turn up the volume, click and listen. A drinking game may be involved. if you don’t drink, we’ll figure out something else you can do. It is a Green show, LGBT supportive, environmentally-sound, has nothing to do with a Kardashian posterior, no trees were killed in making it, it’s a political-rant-free zone, and it’s good for the honeybees.

As a lure to you, I’ll tell either a very creepy story from my days of single youthdom in Hollywood, or else the worst dating experience I ever had, which actually has a horror twist to it. Or the time…”

(Tamara: There’s a creepy story from your Hollywood days you dare tell publicly? I remember all the other ones… And there are so many more. The hillbilly and his hounds up behind Lake Arrowhead?  How about the things you liked to say in hotel elevators? And, speaking of hotels, three words: Swedish bikini team…)

“I’m sure I’ll live to regret this show.”

We’ll do our best, Doug!


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