Ghosts, Books, and Espionage…

Posted: December 4, 2014 in author interviews, books
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Tonight on Haunted Nights LIVE! we’re thrilled to welcome the man of many genres, Noel Hynd.

Noel Hynd has more than five million books in print. Most have been in the action-espionage-suspense genre (Flowers From Berlin, Truman’s Spy, Murder in Miami, Hostage in Havana) but others (Ghosts, The Prodigy, A Room For The Dead and Cemetery of Angels) are highly acclaimed ghost stories.

He is also a former contributor to Sports Illustrated and several other national magazines. His 1988 non-fiction book, The Giants of The Polo Grounds, was an Editor’s Choice of The New York TIMES Review of Books in 1988.


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