For All You Mothers Out There!

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

This Mother’s Day we want to take a moment to remind readers that of all the things that inspired our new thriller, MOTHER, our own mothers don’t even make the list. Our moms were kindred spirits, inspiring a love of reading and storytelling, putting up with and even encouraging our weird, often macabre, interests.Mothersm

We know we’re lucky to have wonderful mothers – and we hope you’ve had the same experience. Either way, a copy of MOTHER may be the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day. The good moms will feel even better about their mothering skills and the bad mothers – well, they’ll know you know…


And here is Tamara’s favorite ghost story – a personal one about the night her mother stopped in to say goodbye.

A Mother’s Day Ghost Story

When I was a kid, my mother used to joke that because I loved ghost stories so much when she died she was going to come back and say “boo” before taking off to explore the universe.  Over the years between child and adulthood, she must have promised me this at least two dozen times.  Then we’d laugh and I’d ask for another ghost story.

One night in the late 90s, I was struggling with a looming deadline. It was only eleven pm and I was exhausted but determined to get my third wind and keep going until at least two in the morning, as usual. That’s when I looked up from the computer screen and saw my mother.


She was standing in the doorway across the room, wearing a dress I’d loved when I was a kid and her hair was the curly deep red she’d been so proud of back then. She was smiling and her hand was up in a wave. Her mouth moved, saying one silent word. Then she faded away.

Like my mother, I’ve always been  aware during the hypnogogic/pompic states, which occur between waking and sleeping. Some call it a sleep disorder, but she taught me to enjoy playing in this phase and we called it “seeing pictures.”  I knew that’s what had just happened and immediately got up and popped a couple Excedrin for the caffeine buzz. Then I went back to work.

At midnight, my sister called. Our mother had passed away at eleven pm, when I’d had the “waking dream.”

And suddenly I knew.  The word I couldn’t hear was “boo!” Mom had kept her promise.

I went out in the backyard and whirled and twirled, calling goodbye, happy she was finally free of her failing body, free to travel, as she’d always said she would, but already missing her. I still do, but I’m still happy for her, too.  Bye, Mom, you were and are the best mother a kid could ever have.




  1. catazure says:

    Beautiful story. I have so often read of loved ones popping up for a smile before death that when I dreamed of my mom walking into my bedroom a week or so ago that as soon as I was truly awake I called her to make sure she hadn’t slipped across the veil. She says she won’t die anytime soon, she has too much to do 🙂

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