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WITCH DAYS, the 6th installment in THE WITCHES OF RAVENCREST serialized novel is on its way. If you haven’t been keeping up with ghoulish, ghastly, gothic goings-on at Ravencrest, here’s a little bit about the previous installments.



Available at:

After confronting the evil lurking in the east wing of Ravencrest Manor, butler Grant Phister realizes governess Belinda Moorland’s talents may be the key to undoing centuries of bloodshed and evil. Taking her under his wing, he begins teaching her the ways of her power – but is she strong enough to break the curse that has plagued the Manning family for centuries – the curse that keeps her handsome employer, Eric Manning, just beyond her reach?

Meanwhile, strange things are happening at Ravencrest. A furious entity is breaking things in the parlor, the scarecrow has gone missing, and the creature in the vent is tormented by a ravenous new hunger. The very earth is alive – with an insatiable appetite for blood.


Installment #2: DEAD OF THE NIGHT

Available at:

Though stately in its beauty, Ravencrest’s past is savage – and it’s more restless now than ever. A late-night walk by candlelight through the lavish manor’s long and haunted halls reveals deadly secrets that have waited centuries to be freed, and when one of the spectral residents points governess Belinda Moorland on a path of murder and destruction, she realizes she has yet to glimpse the depths of the gothic estate’s true darkness.

As tortured spirits roam the corridors in search of restitution, and unearthly creatures stalk the grounds for fresh blood, Belinda – with the help of butler Grant Phister – must put her recently-discovered talents to good use and begin a dangerous journey to lay the manor’s many ghosts to rest. That is, assuming her enemies – both living and dead – won’t put a stop to her plans first.


Installment #3: THE DARK HEART

Available at:

The dead have begun to rise at Ravencrest Manor and governess Belinda Moorland, along with friend and mentor, Grant Phister, must move quickly if they want to protect the living. When a defiled corpse is discovered on the beach, Grant realizes that the only way to restrain the evil saturating Ravencrest’s grounds is to contact a man who may have the answers – a man who happens to have been dead for centuries.

What they learn sheds some light … but also brings new shadows, and Grant and Belinda realize that the darkness at Ravencrest goes deeper and blacker than either of them knew. And at the center of that blackness is The Dark Heart … which may be at the very root of Ravencrest’s hauntings. But knowing this is just the beginning of a long and dangerous journey.



Available at:

The terror at Ravencrest Manor has spread its wings, reaching into the quaint town of Devilswood below, where the unsuspecting locals have become easy prey for the unearthly predators born within the manor’s haunted walls. Butler Grant Phister sets out on a dangerous journey to collect the rare, arcane items needed to cast an age-old spell that will stop the flesh-seeking creatures dead in their tracks. But time is of the essence, and when night falls, the undead will stake their claims, infecting the townspeople until death has full dominion.

Meanwhile, at the manor, governess Belinda Moorland is faced with horrors of her own. Stalked by the ghost of Rebecca Dane, decapitated more than two centuries ago, Belinda realizes there may be more to the dead woman’s motives than inciting nightmares and terror. When Belinda’s handsome employer, Eric Manning, confesses to several encounters with the ghost, it becomes clear that Rebecca Dane will stop at nothing to get what she wants. But does she want to help them? Or destroy them?


Installment #5: BEDEVILED

Available at:

Tensions are high and tempers are hot as the Ravencrest household prepares for Witch Days, an annual celebration observing the founding of Devilswood. After the centuries-old spirit of Ravencrest’s former mistress, Rebecca Dane, finally reveals the reasons she’s been haunting current-day governess, Belinda Moorland, life – and death – at Ravencrest will never be the same.

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If you’re new to Ravencrest, check out the first novel, THE GHOSTS OF RAVENCREST.




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