RETRIBUTION is Available Now!

Posted: April 24, 2019 in books, Uncategorized
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After a short hiatus from THE RAVENCREST SAGA to finish our respective solo novels, we’ve returned to that haunted mansion high in the hills of Devilswood, California, with the latest serialized installment in the series. We call this one RETRIBUTION, and you can get it now at Amazon. Here’s a little more about it:
The night Father Antonio DeVargas blessed Ravencrest Manor, no one could have foreseen the consequences…
One of Ravencrest’s own is found murdered in Our Lady of Sorrows, and with the victim is a sinister crucifix that leads Father Antonio on a deadly crusade…
The haunting in the old poolhouse intensifies as the specter of Henry Manning and his satanic servant begin laying deadly traps…
Maid Justine Chambers’ appetites and belly are burgeoning in impossible ways as she realizes the baby she carries is anything but heaven-sent…
Meanwhile, governess Belinda Moorland is furious when her mysterious boss, Eric Manning, refuses to heed her warnings about using the haunted poolhouse for an upcoming charity event, so when handsome race car driver, Nathan Aubry, asks her out, she accepts – if only to spite Eric.


And if you missed our recent interview where we discussed all things writing and Ravencrest, listen in at Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!
Until next time, we wish you sweet, sweet screams …

Thorne & Cross


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