Book Recommendation by Tamara Thorne – THE OCTOBER COUNTRY by Ray Bradbury

Posted: July 19, 2019 in books, Uncategorized
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I discovered Ray Bradbury when I was eight years old and devoured everything he wrote over and over, but the story collection that was, is, and undoubtedly will always be my favorite is The October Country.

This unforgettable collection is particularly dark and haunting. My all-time favorite story, The Man Upstairs, is included here. It’s a vampiric tale, but it’s not the man upstairs himself that has always stuck with me, it’s Grandma. We, with young Douglas (very much the Douglas of Something wicked this Way Comes) watch Grandma gut a chicken and prepare it for roasting. He asks if he’s like that inside. She says yes. And from there, we ride along in fascination and horror as Douglas’ childish logic propels him through his dealings with the vampiric lodger.

The story works for children and adults. Other stories that stand out are Skeleton, wherein M. Munigant deals with misbehaving skeletons; The Lake, a touching end-of-summer tale; The Jar – it watches; and especially, The Small Assassin – who doesn’t love a killer baby? The October Country is the master at his creepy, nostalgic, touching best.

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