Book Recommendation by Tamara Thorne – HOW TO SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE by Seth Grahame-Smith

Posted: September 10, 2019 in books, Uncategorized
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If you’re a horror movie fan, you know the terrorverse well. The terrorverse is the universe of the horror movie and certain rules apply, as famously pointed out in the movie, Scream. How to Survive a Horror Movie goes further and the chuckles are in the recognition of the rules and tropes.

The more you like horror movies, the more you’ll enjoy this book. I flipped first to my favorite genre – the Haunted House – and the checklist for confirming a house is haunted had me chortling. It lists such things as “Do the faucets or showerheads bleed?” and “Does the temperature suddenly plummet if you discuss remodeling?”

My favorite line in the entire book is here, too: “When you reach into the refrigerator, does your arm appear in another part of the house?” The various chapters cover all the genres, from slashers to killer vehicles, to vampires, and demons. There are tips on monsters – terrestrial, ocean, and outer space, and what to do about them as well.

The second edition of How to Survive a Horror Movie – Seth Grahame-Smith has been updated to reflect the classic horror movies of the last ten years or so as well as all your favorite older ones.

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