For Halloween Fans!

Posted: August 18, 2020 in books, Uncategorized
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A kick-ass Amazon review of Tamara Thorne’s MOONFALL:



“This is one of my favorite horror stories of all time! I love a story that takes place in October round about the time of Halloween. While this is not a Halloween story per se, it is very much a theme to this novel. The author gives descriptions utilizing most all of the 5 senses and makes you feel like you are really there.

In a town where there is a carved jack-o-lantern on almost every front porch, I would love to live in Moonfall and attend the Halloween Haunt! The story is just creepy enough without being overburdened by unnecessary details. It just flows along, and takes the reader with it chapter by chapter. While obviously a work of fiction, deep in the autumn apple orchards and a gingerbread cottage inhabited by a real witch on the outside of town…you almost think “Well, it COULD have happened…”

I have an original paperback that has been read so many times the spine is cracking. I bought a newer paperback to replace to old one (while still keeping the old one tucked away on the bookshelf) and I purchased the Kindle version so I would never be without this haunting story. I love it! I always read it during October, and other times during the year whenever the “Halloween” mood strikes. Once I open the book, I’m there!”

– Taylor9015, Amazon Reviewer



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