HAUNTED is Now Available in Audiobook!

Posted: March 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

Haunted, Tamara’s international bestseller, is no available in audiobook! Get your copy at Audible now!

The infamous Victorian mansion, Baudey House, stands sentinel on California’s rocky coast, casting its long shadow over the sleepy village of Red Cay. Veiled in fog and sinister gloom, Baudey House draws bestselling author David Masters. and his daughter, Amber, into its deadly embrace. Within its walls, David plans to write his ultimate masterpiece of horror.

Scandal and Darkness

The mansion’s bloody history is David’s inspiration. During its days as a house of ill repute, mass murders and unspeakable acts of torture and depravities were visited upon the inhabitants and their guests by the deranged Christabel Baudey.

Ghost Stories

Baudey House is home to many ghosts, including Christabel, who still maintains her tight, tortuous hold over the spirits of her victims. It is said that when the sweet scent of night blooming jasmine awakens you and phantom kisses follow, you should run for your life.

But David Masters doesn’t believe in ghosts. And that’s his first mistake.

“…a tapestry of chills and scares that will be remembered long after the lights have gone out.” (Douglas Clegg)

“Combines eerie eroticism with page-turning terror.” (Pasadena Weekly)


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