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It’s been a group effort but after much work and many months, The Crimson Corset is available in audiobook! Here it is, next to me and the narrator, Allen Andrews, who did a bang-up job with all of my characters (though I’m particularly fond of his take on bookstore owner, Dora Langley.) I thought we’d look nice next to Gretchen VanTreese, undead femme fatale and self-proclaimed star of the book, in her very special crimson corset (you’ll have to give the audiobook a listen to find out what’s so special about it, but trust me, it’s special.)

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An awesome blurb from Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling author of THE WALKING DEAD series:

Alistair’s novel, The Crimson Corset, is officially in production for audiobook! After some revisions it will go on to the next step and should be done and available soon. Updates to come!

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Pictured below is actor Allen Andrews, who not only narrated the book but did an awesome job with all the folks in Crimson Cove – the fanged and unfanged alike (Alistair even thinks he looks a little like Cade Colter – but he says that about a lot of people.) Allen is a theatrically trained actor and voice professional whose many roles have included Gaston (of Beauty and the Beast notoriety) to Clyde Barrow (of that endlessly fascinating disastrous duo, Bonnie and Clyde.) Learn more about Allen at: allenandrewsactor.comĀ 


Stay tuned for updates!

The Crimson Corset is available in ebook and paperback at Amazon and everywhere books are sold. Book 2, The Silver Dagger, is also available, and book 3, The Black Wasp, is on its way!