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The Secret Life of the Movies is a colorful and entertaining treat for movie lovers. It includes little known trivia from movies ranging from the silent era to brand new films. There are lots of movies of every type included and I was especially pleased to see my favorite genre – horror – well represented.

From the well-known fact that Halloween’s Michael Meyers mask was a spray-painted Halloween mask of Captain Kirk to the little known fact that when Harold Lloyd famously hung from the arm of the clock on a skyscraper (well, 9 stories up in actuality) he was really hanging on with only his left hand – he wore a glove over his mostly missing right hand – the book is a wealth of trivia.

This is the kind of book that makes a perfect gift for movie lovers. It would be great on a coffee table or perfect as bathroom reading. It’s written with humor and is quite entertaining.

Spread me like silk
At the forefront of mind
Look in my eyes
As I render you blind
So the salt of the sea
As it rages in me
Makes its white-fever way
To your taste gradually
With drained anticipation
Will you wait to be claimed
By passion’s finale
As with rhythm, it rained
So that angels in waiting
Were like tears in your eyes
As I painted upon you
A pearlescent disguise?
Will a welcome home smile
In the midst of all this
From the pollen spring forth
And find life on your lips
Would you like to be stained
My vile valentine
Would you like to be conquered
Would you like to be mine

© Alistair Cross

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