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Tomorrow is the big day! Listen in when we talk horror with one of the gruesomest, goriest, garishly great guests we’ve had so far on Haunted Nights LIVE!

nikki William Malmborg has been publishing short stories in horror magazines and dark fiction anthologies since 2002. In addition, four of his novels, JIMMY, TEXT MESSAGE, NIKKI’S SECRET and DARK HARVEST, are all available, as is a short story collection titled SCRAPING THE BONE that features five previously published and five original tales of horror. When not writing William caters to the whims of Toby and Truman, two cats who reside with him in Wheaton, IL. When asked to further enlighten us on his history, this is what William had to say:malm4

” After having found a gateway between worlds during an impromptu scientific experiment, I’ve become what I like to call ‘a slider’, one who eventually came across a world where William Malmborg was a successful horror author who seemed to have an endless supply of gorgeous ‘lady friends’.  Liking that image, I decided to stay, disposing of his body through a wormhole, only to learn that several of the women were crazy, the credit card debt was astronomical, and that his books hadn’t been selling as well as they used to. Losing his apartment, I moved back in with his parents where I tried my hands at penning a novel, only to produce one titled DARK HARVEST that no one seemed to like. Following that, I got a job working nights at a roadside help hotline, my hopes being to eliminate the credit card debt I inherited while also saving enough to buy a house.  Fortunately, while at his parents house, I found a box of manuscripts that the real William Malmborg had written years earlier, the first of which was titled BLIND EYE.  Story-wise, the novel was solid, editing wise, not so much, so, rather than publishing it right away, I used some money to hire an editor and book cover designer, both of which will, hopefully, help in finalizing the novel, and, soon, recharge the career I foolishly took over so that I can actually live the life of a bestselling author that is constantly surrounded by beautiful women.”

Yeah… we love this guy!


Listen in at Thorne & Cross Haunted Night LIVE! tomorrow night for more.

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Tonight at Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! we’ll be interviewing horror author, Michael Aronovitz. Aronovitz is the author of Alice Walks, Seven Deadly Pleasures, and The Voices in Our Heads, which has an introduction from Tamara Thorne. We’ll ask him about his writing process, the first story he published, and what he has coming up next, which we can personally say is absolutely awesome.

Go to this link at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight to hear the show:

Keep coming back for more fascinating conversations with your favorite authors. Next week, we’ll be joined by New York Times bestseller Doug Clegg. For the full guest list, visit my website at the Haunted Nights LIVE! page, and click on the author’s name to hear the podcast:

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Cue the lion, we’re about to go live!

Speaking of cues, tonight’s guest is acclaimed children’s author, Q.L. Pearce. We look forward to grilling her (over an open flame) about why she so enjoys scaring children. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)


Q writes in many children’s genres but is perhaps most famous for the best-selling series, Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs. She’ll curl your hairs, whether you’re young or old with her Bradbury-esque talents. (And she’s begun a new series of scary stories for kids with the first volume of Blood Moon Harbor.)

We’re going to ask her about books, writing horror for kids, and her own experiences with the paranormal. You’re going to want to hear this!


Q.L. Pearce will be joining us tonight, November 6th at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6 pacific. If you can’t listen live, a podcast will be up soon. Go to Haunted Nights LIVE! to listen!

Haunted Nights LIVE!

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Q.L. Pearce began her career as a writer and editor with Lowell House /Roxbury Press in Los Angeles. She has written more than one hundred and fifty books for children, including: Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs, Artificial Intelligence, Mysterious Disappearances, Ghost Hunters, Red Bird Sings, and film tie-in books for the Fox animated film Titan AE and the Universal animated series Land Before Time. She is a recipient of the Carter G. Woodson gold medal, the Moonbeam Children’s Book gold medal, the Eureka silver medal and several of her titles are included in the California Collections. Q believes strongly in the value of scary books for young readers. When asked what qualifies her as an expert in this area she replies, “I was a child once. That was very scary.”


Cue the music… Release the bats… Grab a horror writer… It’s showtime!

Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! will debut on Authors on the Air Global Radio Network on Thursday, November 6th, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. With two million listeners in 44 countries, we are proud and excited to be a part of this network, and now, you can give us a like on Facebook at our own Haunted Nights LIVE! page.

At Haunted Nights LIVE! we will be talking about all things horror with the biggest names in the business. From fiction writers and paranormal investigators to haunted spots and true ghost stories supplied by our listeners, Haunted Nights LIVE! will feature fact, fiction, and that indiscernible gray area in between.

Our guest list so far includes New York Times Bestselling author Douglas Clegg, International Horror Guild Award winner Glen Hirshberg, children’s author extraordinaire Q.L. Pearce, bestselling Bite Club author Hal Bodner, and paranormal writer and researcher, Sylvia Shults – and that’s just the tip of the blood-covered machete.

So polish your fangs, sharpen your claws, and come take a bite out of the dark side. Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! is coming your way. Listen for the sounds of phantom footfalls…