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If you’ve ever read this book, you can see why someone said, “We must make this into a movie. Not only that, but it must star Bette Davis and Joan Crawford!” And while it definitely was an excellent movie, the book digs one layer deeper, submerging the reader (reluctantly, at times) into the minds of some seriously fascinating (and in Jane’s case, twisted) characters.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a quick read that sprinkles rather than spews its horror. It is, if nothing else, an intriguing glimpse not only into the human psyche (watching Jane’s descent into madness is one of those proverbial train wrecks you won’t be able to look away from) but also a peek into what might really be going on behind the closed doors of other quiet, seemingly peaceful houses.

As Jane and Blanche’s own next-door neighbor says, “Sometimes I wonder about the two of them over there in that big old house all alone. They don’t ever seem to do anything – or have anyone in for company. It must be awful … ”

Lady, you have no idea …

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