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I’m both excited and saddened to announce that in the coming weeks, my book, the Angel Alejandro, will be receiving a new title and cover ~ one that will more accurately convey its content. As much as I love the current packaging (it’s probably my favorite cover, in fact), Alejandro is a very dark story ~ too dark, I think, for this cover art.

This cover pretty much screams high romance, and while there is a good amount of that to be found here (under it all, Alejandro really is a love story) there’s also a lot of sex, death, and gore that isn’t being represented. In other words, I don’t want you thinking you’re getting Twilight when you’re really getting Salem’s Lot. Not that Alejandro has anything to do with vampires ~ that’s just the best comparison I could come up with on the fly and I really have to hurry because Tamara is tapping her foot, waiting for me, and she gets kinda stabby if I take too long on these things …

Anyway … I have seen the new cover and title and I have to say I love it. I’ll be sharing it with you soon but I wanted to make all the proper announcements ahead of time in hopes of minimizing confusion.


~ Alistair



If you like your stories sick and twisted, I recommend anything by Richard Laymon – and COME OUT TONIGHT is a pretty good place to start. Outlandish and improbable as his tales often are, Laymon always keeps me entertained (and chuckling) – and COME OUT TONIGHT is one of my favorites. It was the first Laymon book I ever read and it kept me coming back for more. Oozing dark humor with a heavy slathering of sex and gore, COME OUT TONIGHT is horror at its good old-fashioned ghastliest.

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