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Having read a good number of books on the subject of Jack the Ripper, I have to say I’ve found this one to be not only the most objective and informative, but also the most interesting. First, the author’s motive is not to point to the identity of the Ripper which, given that we will likely never know who perpetrated these crimes, I prefer.

While so many Jack the Ripper authors want to “solve” the case, Sugden instead presents all the possible theories – plausible and preposterous alike – and gives credible evidence for and against each theory. The Complete History of Jack the Ripper is comprehensible, well-researched, and clears away many of the myths surrounding the Whitechapel murders of the late 1880s while shedding new light on the case. In this book, you get a feel not only for the murderer, but for his victims as well – a rarity that I appreciate.

I recommend this to anyone with an interest in crime, history, and of course, the murders of Jack the Ripper.

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