Have you met the bride of Ravencrest?

The Ghosts of Ravencrest is a saga that covers many centuries of stories that all lead to contemporary times. We will be featuring portraits of various Manning family ancestors occasionally and the Bride is the first.

The Bride is one of the the many ghosts of Ravencrest. Hers is a sad, haunting tale that will be told soon enough. She died on her wedding day and was buried in her gown after being posed in a memento mori portrait which  still hangs in Ravencrest’s Gallery of Ancestors. Now she is a harbinger of death. If you see her gliding through the dark halls, searching for her lost love, run! Don’t let her catch you in her mirror…


If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Ghosts of Ravencrest yet, it is available on Kindle now and will be in other formats soon. Go to A Reader’s Review Blog to read the reviews that Tina Williams gave the first two installments, The New Governess, and Awakening. Darker Shadows is an omnibus edition of The Ghosts of Ravencrest which includes those first two installments as well as the third, which is a brand new release.

Welcome to Ravencrest. Dare to cross the threshold…

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